QIC, PAAMC launch QIC Ping An China Corporate Bond Fund

September 23, 2019

SHANGHAI - Australian-based global investment manager, QIC, in partnership with Ping An Asset Management Company (PAAMC), today announced official approval of the QIC Ping An China Corporate Bond Fund (the Fund). 

The Fund will aim to give global investors an opportunity to participate in growth in the Chinese economy by investing in China's bond market - the second-largest in the world. 

QIC sees Chinese bonds as an important part of global mainstream fixed interest indices, with the market continuing to grow as a result of domestic and foreign capital inflows.

 Global investors are increasingly attracted to Chinese bonds as an effective way of accessing the China growth story, while at the same time benefitting from strong yields and portfolio diversification, QIC says.

QIC's CEO, Damien Frawley, said: "China has long been an important market for QIC. Growth in Chinese domestic investment capital and increased capital mobility between China and other countries continues to create exciting new." 

www.qic.com (ATI).