Third StartmeupHK Festival – Hong Kong

January 21, 2019 to January 25, 2019

THE StartmeupHK Festival, a week-long celebration of the Hong Kong's startup ecosystem, will be staged by InvestHK for a third year, bringing together startups, seasoned entrepreneurs and investors.

Hong Kong's startup ecosystem now hosts seven official unicorns across sectors as diverse as logistics, AI, FinTech, hardware, travel technology and cryptocurrency trading.

Sensetime, started by academics at Hong Kong's Chinese University in 2014, is now the highest-valued AI startup in the world, at US$4.5 billion.

The FinTech unicorn, WeLab, filed for an IPO in Hong Kong in July 2018, and another FinTech player, TNG Wallet, raised US$115 million in Series A in 2017 in one of the largest Series A rounds for a FinTech company globally.

Core events of the 2019 StartmeupHK Festival include HealthTech 2020, a TechLifestyle Conference, JumpStarter, curated by the Alibaba Entrepreneurship Fund, Retail's Cutting Edge, The Connected City, and a Startup Impact Summit.

InvestHK launched StartmeupHK in 2013 both to showcase its robust startup ecosystem and to spotlight business opportunities for innovative founders, investors, academics and community builders from overseas.