Contact in Australia – Geoff Short, Managing Director, PO Box 502 Lindfield NSW 2070, tel (61) 411-360-265 (0411 360 265), email info@tanda.com.au web www.tanda.com.au

SERVICES OFFERED – Tanda International Pty Ltd advises enterprises operating across the region on international trade issues for efficient market access; lobbies government agencies on behalf of importers, exporters and manufacturers; and resolves disputes with government agencies such as customs, quarantine, standards, food and drug administrations and defence. Tanda assists clients to leverage benefits from the many bi-lateral and regional trade agreements and prepares companies for participation in supply chain security programs consistent with World Customs Organization standards. Other services include product, market and issues based research.

Contact Name: 
Geoff Short, Managing Director
(61) 411-360-265 (0411 360 265)