Taiwan details ‘one country, two systems’ response measures

March 12, 2019

TAIPEI - Measures aimed at countering China's "one country, two systems" formula for unifying Taiwan with China have been unveiled by Taiwan's National Security Counci (NSC)l. Taiwan's President, Tsai Ing-wen, who chaired the NSC meeting, said the response reflected the Taiwan consensus. China's effortswere rejected by the people, represented a unilateral change to the cross-strait status quo, and undermined the sovereignty of the ROC (Taiwan), she said.

"The future of democratic Taiwan shall be determined by its 23 million people, and every segment of the society must stick to this bottom line to ensure lasting cross-strait and regional peace," Tsai said.

Since taking office in May 2016,Tsai said,  the Government had striven to maintain the cross-strait status quo through a non-provocative and non-confrontational approach.

But China had never ceased in its attempts to pressure the country, Tsai said, citing patrols of military aircraft and vessels near Taiwan, the use of dollar diplomacy to lure away allies and a squeezing of participation in international organisations.

Tsai said the Government's response centred on engaging with China in a positive manner while insisting on reciprocity and national sovereignty. "The Act Governing Relations between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area is also set for fast-track review by the Legislature to better safeguard Taiwan's democracy, she said

In light of the ongoing trade war between China and the U.S., Tsai said no effort would be spared in helping Taiwan firms operating across the strait to relocate home and to expand their global reach, promoting industrial upgrades and spurring macro-economic development.
On the global front, Tsai said the Government would continue seeking support and working with members of the international community to uphold Taiwan's dignity.
At the same time, the Government is combatting attempts to spread disinformation and misinformation, heightening national defence preparedness and strengthening communication with the public so as to enhance understanding of cross-strait policies.  www.mofa.gov.tw (ATI).