South Korea urges Pyongyang to honour 2007 Declaration

October 2, 2017

SEOUL – Declaring that the current security situation on the Korean Peninsula “is more severe than at any other time”, South Korea’s President, Moon Jae-in, has urged North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons and to return to the same state as relationships were on October 4, 2007, when an inter-Korean declaration was signed. 

That declaration followed the 2007 Inter-Korean Summit in Pyongyang, where then Suth Korean President, Roh Moo-hyun, and North Korea’s National Defence Commission Chairman, Kim Jong-il met. The agreement aimed to promote the growth of the South-North relationship, and to push for peace and prosperity between Seoul and Pyongyang. 

“The declaration embodies the devotion and the spirit of former governments that tried to bring reconciliation and a peaceful reunification to the South and the North,” said Moon. “If the declaration had been fulfilled, the situation of the Korean Peninsula would have been very different from now.” 

“However, over the past 10 years, all the efforts made by the former Administrations, including the declaration, have come to nothing. The people who dreamed to make a new Korea through the Candlelight Revolution and who expect a new page of history between South and North, would feel sad about the situation.” 

As a solution to North Korea’s nuclear weapons issues, Moon stressed the importance of returning to the October 4, 2007, declaration. 

“Many of the agreements made at the summit can still be applied today,” he said, mentioning the elements concerning peace and arms control, and the restoration of military talks, humanitarian co-operation and reunions of separated families.


“We have to get over the crisis of the nuclear weapons and missile threats, and get back to the spirit of the Oct. 4, 2007, declaration,” he said. “If the politicians come together, regardless of the benefits of their parties, and if the citizens unite with peace as the ultimate goal, we could overcome this critical situation” 

“We will not tolerate the North’s nuclear weapons,” said Moon.


“We will make North Korea realise that they will have no future if they insist on standing against the world with their nuclear weapons.


“Nothing can stop our journey to bring peace and prosperity to the Korean Peninsula. If the North suspends its imprudent choices, the table of conversation and negotiation is always open.” (ATI).