South Korea to build closer ties with ASEAN

November 21, 2017

SEOUL – South Korea’s President, Moon Jae-in, has announced plans to set up a Korea-ASEAN joint community, promising to provide support to strengthen economic ties between Korea and ASEAN economies. “I will improve the diplomatic relationship between Korea and ASEAN, bringing it to the same level as the relationship between Korea and its four surrounding countries,” he said.

"Our future is a 3P community - a ‘people community,’ where people and people connect heart-to-heart; and a ‘peace community’ that contributes to peace in Asia through security co-operation; and a ‘prosperity community’ that thrives through mutually reciprocal economic co-operation.” 

Moon unveiled plans to improve visa issuance processes for ASEAN citizens, to provide vocational education and training for small- and medium-sized ASEAN companies, and to host business forums and meetings to vitalise exchanges between the business leaders of Korea and ASEAN. 
He also unveiled plans to boost regional connectivity by increasing budgets and funds related to the four major fields of transportation, energy, water resource management and smart information and communications. (ATI).