Poll finds majority in Taiwan back Government’s cross-strait measures

April 13, 2018

TAIPEI - The majority of Taiwanese people support the Government’s response to mainland Chinese measures aimed at draining capital, expertise and talent from Taiwan, according to a poll released by the Cabinet-level Mainland Affairs Council.

Around 70% of respondents said they backed a comprehensive plan released March 16 by the Cabinet to retain local talent while enhancing Taiwan’s industrial competitiveness and cultural profile.
The eight-pronged plan involves increasing remuneration for academics; promoting innovative growth; strengthening employee reward mechanisms; providing a better working environment for medical professionals; bolstering protection for trade secrets; spurring industrial upgrading to help expand Taiwan’s role in global supply chains; building stock market momentum; and cultivating the local multimedia sector.
According to the poll, nearly 85% of respondents believed that authorities on both sides should jointly shoulder responsibility for maintaining positive cross-strait relations, “and refrain from provocative actions undermining peace and regional stability”.


In addition, nearly 67% said mainland China’s unilateral political agenda and efforts to suppress the international space of Taiwan were not conducive to the healthy development of cross-strait ties.
Nearly 81% believed that only by setting aside differences and engaging in communication without political conditions could both sides facilitate the positive development of cross-strait relations, while 82% supported organising depoliticised cross-strait events via existing mechanisms “to ensure equal dignity”.
Close to 86% of respondents believed that the development of cross-strait ties and the future of Taiwan should be decided by its 23 million people.
The MAC said Taiwan’s Government was committed to maintaining peace and regional stability, as well as safeguarding the well-being of the people, by extending goodwill and seeking opportunities for substantive co-operation.
“It is imperative mainland China abandon negative acts of threat and oppression, face the reality that the two sides are under separate rule, and resolve differences through constructive dialogue to promote the peaceful and stable development of cross-strait relations, the MAC added.  ttonline@mofa.gov.tw  (ATI)