Moon to push New Southern Policy goals in India, Singapore

July 9, 2018

SEOUL – South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in in State visits this week to India and Singapore to promote his administration’s New Southern Policy.

Moon will hold summit meetings with hsi counterparts to discuss co-operation, and to ask for support for the establishment of peace and denuclearisation on the Korean Peninsula. 

"India now plays an active role in the international community after ending its long-term non-aligned policy, and Singapore is the current chair of ASEAN this year,” Nam Gwan-pyo, Second Deputy Chief of the Presidential National Security Office, told a media briefing on the eve of the visits.

“We hope the Presidential visit will offer an opportunity for both countries to actively support and work with the Korean Government, which aims to achieve peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula,”  

Kim Hyun-chul, Presidential Secretary for the Economy, told the briefing that both India and Singapore were key partners in the New Southern Policy, “one of key initiatives of the Moon Jae-in administration”.

“The upcoming Presidential visit will provide a chance for Seoul to further accelerate the initiative,” Kim said.

“President Moon aims to form a foundation so that Korea and India can further develop their special strategic partnership in a future-looking manner.”  

Regarding Singapore, Kim said: “Korea will work with Singapore to produce growth engines for future economic growth, and jointly respond to the fourth industrial revolution.

“We will also work with Singapore to present future directions for the development of the Korea-ASEAN relationship.” (ATI).