Malaysia seeks aged care model

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December 12, 2018

MALAYSIA is offering incentives and full foreign ownership of private hospitals and specialist services as it further develops its healthcare sector -- and looks to the UK and Australia for an aged care model . . .

MALAYSIA is looking to Australia to source a template for expansion of aged healthcare facilities. It wants to provide a mix of Government and private services.
Shahrol Shahabudin, MIDA Division Director for Healthcare, Education and Hospitality, says that, while the Government has been expanding its hospital and medical infrastructure -- and servicing a growing medical tourism sector -- there is now increasing demand in Malaysia for aged healthcare.
That need is currently being addressed. Apart from Australia, the Government is also looking at the aged care model adopted by the UK.
A South Australian aged care provider, ACH Group, recently signed an MoU with Malaysia's Aged Care Group (ACG) to share knowledge in providing care for older people in both Australia and Malaysia.
ACH sees the agreement as an opportunity to learn how best to provide care to different populations in a multicultural society.