JAL sees profit increase of 9.2% for first half

October 31, 2017

TOKYO – The Japan Airlines Group today announced a profit for the six months to September 30 of 77.9 billion yen, up 9.2% year-on-year. During this period, the Japanese economy had experienced a moderate recover, while employment and income rates also improved across the country, JAL said.

“When taking a look at the economic situation for the overseas market, although an unstable economy was observed in select European countries, the overall market has been on a positive recovery trend,” it added.

Consolidated operating revenue increased by 6.2% year-on-year to 692.3 billion yen and operating expenses increased by 6.0% to 593.2 billion yen, while operating income increased by 7.2% year on year to 99.0 billion yen and ordinary income increased by 8.8% to 97.6 billion yen.

In international cargo operations, the company secured strong demand from both overseas and the domestic market, with cargo volume during the reporting period increasing by 20.9% on-year and revenue up 26.1% to 25.6 billion yen.  www.jal.com (ATI).