India, Australia sign collaboration deal on cyber-enabled critical technologies

June 14, 2021

NEW DELHI -- India and Australia have announced collaboration in cyber-enabled critical technologies, following the initial conference of the India-Australia Joint Working Group (JWG) on cyber security co-operation. India's Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said both countries reviewed a variety of topics involving cyber domain emerging technologies.

The JWG is the framework designed to enable India and Australia to execute a five-year (2020-25) proposal to work together on such issues.

The MEA said there was a rising requirement to boost security infrastructure as well as development of IoT (internet of things) devices and 5G technology.

India and Australia had decided to expand collaboration with tehe private sector and academia and to collaboratively work in knowledge and skill development.

The MEA said: "India and Australia discussed cyber security threat evaluations as well as an understanding of national cyber strategies and legislation."