Hong Kong promotes talent admission schemes to young emigrants in Australia/New Zealand

May 8, 2018

SYDNEY – A delegation led by the Assistant Principal Immigration Officer of the Hong Kong Immigration Department, Choi Chi-yuen, has met university students, professionals and second-generation members of emigrated Hong Kong residents in Australia and New Zealand to detail various talent admission schemes on offer in Hong Kong.

The delegation visited Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney to explain the benefits available to second-generation Chinese Hong Kong permanent residents from overseas return to Hong Kong to supplement what it termed “Hong Kong's human capital”.

     Talks were held at the University of Auckland, the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Monash University and the University of Melbourne in Melbourne, and four campuses (the University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales, Macquarie University and the University of Technology Sydney) in Sydney to detail eligibility criteria and application procedures for the various admission schemes available.

Visit www.immd.gov.hk/eng/useful_information/admission-schemes-talents-profess...   (ATI).