Germany bidding for Asian real estate investors

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October 4, 2017

ONE of Germany’s largest real estate asset managers is making a bid to attract Asian investors into the real estate market of Germany’s regional cities . . .
German manufacturers of trusted brands, whether cars or sophisticated machinery and equipment, need little or no introduction to their products.
 Asian consumers know them well.
 But when it comes to real estate investment, Germany is off the radar - because Asians are not familiar with, or often even aware of the opportunities that exist there.
 The Asian predilection for luxury brands is second only to a partiality for real estate, and when it comes to investing in offshore real estate, London traditionally has been the city of choice.
 Stefan Kalmund, managing director of Accom, one of Germany’s largest real estate asset managers, says Asian investment in the UK obviously comes from familiarity with that country.
 Now launching Accom’s first real estate fund targetting Asian capital, Kalmund has made several trips to Asia, hoping to raise the awareness of institutional investors to opportunities outside the three German entry cities of Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt.
 These cities offer trophy assets, he says, but it is the regional cities that are the hidden champions of German real estate.