Expanding Thai markets for design services, digital marketing and software

May 10, 2021

BANGKOK -- Thailand shows some of the region's strongest development in e-commerce and consumer engagement in social media, with demand for relevant commercial services --i ncluding design services and software application services -- surging in Thailand, according to a new Hong Ko.ng Trade Development Council research report.

Iwt says that, with customer experience and personalisation the two key drivers for growing business services in Thailand, it is anticipated that demand for digital marketing services will.

The design sector is already Thailand's second-largest creative industry, holding a 23% share of the total nominal value of the creative industries. Changing lifestyles and an expanding middle class have led to a growing number of consumers interested in design products, with the potential market size currently standing at 110 billion Thai Baht, the HKTDC report says. 

"As the creative industry is one of the targeted industries in the Thailand 4.0 policy, it is expected that there will be an increasing number of future incentive measures, with investment in the sector adding to the attractiveness of sectors like product design. 

"The mutually-reinforcing combination of the demands of Thai domestic market, easy access to other markets in Southeast Asia, and Thai Government investments in the creative industries generates potentially interesting business opportunities for Hong Kong designers."

The report says Thailand's home furnishings, homeware and home appliances industries have been growing steadily, and that this development generates great opportunities for product design companies. 

Strong visual communication (formerly graphic design) is needed now more than ever for brands in the tech space, whether for social media, marketing collateral, print, or brand identity work, it adds.  

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