Australia India Business Council supports Adani investments in Australia

November 10, 2017

NEW DELHI - The Australia India Business Council had formally supported the controversial Adani Carmichael project in north Queensland, which has been fiercely opposed by the Greens. The AIBC said today that the project enhances the Australia-India relationship and it commended Adani's patience to seeing the investment through.

“This project will provide jobs for thousands of people in rural Queensland, with many jobs already materialising,” said Jim Varghese, AIBC National Vice Chair.

Speaking from New Delhi, Varghese and Queensland AIBC President, Nik Senapati, urged common economic sense, saying they were concerned about selective indignation by those opposed to the development.   

The Adani Project is the single biggest economic project between Australia, Queensland and India.

In a statement, Varghese said the project will actually contribute to a reduction in global carbon emissions because coal from the Carmichael mine produces around 30% less carbon than coal sourced locally in India and imported from Indonesia.

The development has become a key political issue in the current Queensland State election campaign. (ATI).