ATI Magazine Sept/October 2017

ATI Magazine September/October 2017
Driving the world towards digital trade - Governments led by those in Singapore and Hong Kong are helping drive widespread support for a global move towards digital trade. That will help, bankers say, because agreements on the commercial issues of digital trade need to be forged across all participants in the supply chain process - and the real benefits of AI will come when as much of the trade environment as possible is digitised.

Rhetorical roundabout beyond the Yellow Sea Trump and Kim embrace the madman school of diplomacy.

Why S&P rates Hong Kong three notches higher than China.

What the successful Chinese investor needs in Australia – their biggest mistake, a belief that FIRB approval is a licence to do as they wish.

Running the ruler over foreign investors Australia may need AUD3 trillion in investment to harness its export potential.

Hong Kong, Australia in FTA talks.

Thailand defers penalties under new foreign worker laws.

Vietnam to impose compulsory insurance on foreign workers.

Higher travel pricing for corporates in 2018.