ATI Magazine June/July 2018

RESHAPING THE CYBER SECURITY VALUE CHAIN – Cyber criminals have adopted a new stealth mode – the fileless attack – and Government and business concerns are now driving a push to co-ordinate the joint skills of specialist firms emerging to challenge the perpetrators. Solutions being developed in the U.S., Israel and India lead the way. 

TWO MEN, TWO MISSIONS – A stronger ASEAN seems front-of-mind for Malaysia’s new Prime Minister, as North Korea’s Kim Jong-un jousts with Donald Trump.

IS IPP DRIVING US–CHINA TRADE STOUSH? - China investment in the U.S. has dipped 92%.

CHINA’S ONLINE SHOPPERS – their annual imports top US$100 billion.

HK’s EXPORT INDEX - at seven-year high.

BUSINESS BRIEFING - Najib leaves sound economic legacy; India’s Q4 GDP exceptional – but upside risks; Profit-taking as Vietnam closes on investment grade; Is China’s Silk Road a gigantic venture capital scheme? China graft-busters step up scrutiny; Toll-Operate-Transfer - a new model for India; Thailand’s investment push – into services, technology.

IS THE WORLD FACING A LONG MARCH? – As authoritarianism revives in China, optimism has given way to a pervasive sense of uncertainty. 

BUSINESS TRAVEL - Vietnam sees strong growth in travel, tourism; IATA says Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila lack airport capacity.