ATI Magazine – March/April 2018

TODAY’s biggest global economic risk – as nominated by delegates to the 2018 Asian Financial Forum - is U.S. policy directions (25%), followed by heightened geopolitical tensions and escalation of trade protectionism (each 19%) and significant deceleration of the Chinese economy (17%).

Telecoms, media and technology (26.5%) has the greatest growth potential, followed by healthcare (21.5%) and green industries (18.6%). China (55%) is offering the best investment returns.

Posing the biggest regulatory challenges are virtual currencies and related exchanges (24%) followed by AI (20%) and blockchain (19%). 

The Realpolitik of trade deals – Any real benefits of TPP could be 10 years coming.

The world economy – as the IMF sees it.

Key business trends in 2018 - China’s growth every three years is equivalent to the size of the Russian economy; Response to fintech innovation a work in progress;  Innovation in China; Hong Kong’s BIR Blueprint; Connectivity the key to Belt and Road; The Internet of Life.

New infrastructure to lead India’s 2018-19 spending. 

US$2 trillion in offshore FDI to flow home to U.S. – UNCTAD runs the numbers.

SMEs face huge trade finance gap - the ADB says 57% of trade finance requests by SMEs are rejected.

Thailand pushing for Australian investment - in higher education and smart farming. 

Indian Chamber warns - on 30% pulses tariff.

Neither lame nor Peking duck – Chris Patten braves a New World.

Your favourite business travel perks – and the top stress factors.