ATI Magazine December 2017/January 2018

Beyond the Factory Floor - Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore have embraced INDUSTRY 4.0, otherwise known as the fourth Industrial Revolution. China has, too, but under a different name, Made in China 2025. Success will breed tomorrow’s global economic leaders. The wild card is the United States, an early adopter.

A time for giving - China needs to case aside the historical baggage of a nation subjugated by foreign powers.

Power plays rule – Geopolitics and new technologies create new challenges for the region.

Don’t blame debt – Inflation has taken a holiday, along with wage growth and investment, and central bankers are asking why as growth continues to improve.

A revolution in energy – China, the U.S., renewables and more electricity use will reshape the global energy market in the next two decades.

Two to watch - China’s Silicon Delta and the Greater Bay Area.

Hong Kong - set to sign MoU with China on OBOR. 

India – GST, Bankruptcy Code and Arbitration reformsl game-changers for business. 

Korea – Setting boundaries for de facto détente. 

Taiwan – Offices in China a dangerous idea. 

Japan – Abenomics has many years to run.

Vietnam – Revived TPP offers growth fillip. 

Thailand – Turning the corner, stuck on a page. 

Philippines – Striving to hold sweet spot. 

Indonesia – Opportunities for the entrepreneur. 

Malaysia – MAFTA benefits slowing.

Asia’s currencies - stronger after four years of decline.

The Cukong and the President – a ‘beautiful friendship’ in Suharto’s Indonesia.