Air freight demand slows, but still up 9.2% in September

November 2, 2017

GENEVA - IATA data for global air freight markets in September shows demand (measured in freight tonne kilometres or FTKs), rose 9.2% compared to the same month in 2016. This was the slowest pace of growth in five months, but still significantly higher than the five-year average growth rate of 4.4%. 

Freight capacity (measured in available freight tonne kilometers or AFTKs), rose by 3.9% compared to September of last year —less than half the pace of demand growth. This is positive for industry load factors, yields, and financial performance. IATA says.

“It appears that the industry has passed a cyclical growth peak.

“The upward trend in seasonally-adjusted freight volumes in Q3 has eased and the inventory-to-sales ratio in the US is now trending sideways. This indicates that the period when companies look to restock inventories quickly—which often gives air cargo a boost—has ended.” (ATI).