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Tighter liquidity in Asia, but not all gloom and doom in 2019

February 4, 2019

PARIS - Asia has been under pressure following tighter global liquidity in 2018 as global monetary policy tightening drains liquidity from Asian markets, says the Paris-headquartered credit insurer Coface. A few markets will benefit from strong fundamentals, pro-active monetary policies and ample buffers to resist outflows, but others will be under pressure inn 2019, says Coface.

Business wary of economic outlook in 2019, sees AI as biggest challenge to financial services

January 16, 2019

HONGKONG - Real-time polling of delegates to the 12th Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong has shown that only 15% of respondents were optimistic about the outlook for the global economy in 2019. Another 38% were neutral, while 47% were pessimistic. When asked about the countries and regions that will offer best investment returns in 2019, 39% and 35% of respondents believed it would be Southeast Asia and Mainland China respectively, followed by the United States (16%), Japan (3%) and Western Europe (2%).