G7 backing as Taiwan bids again for membership of world aviation body

September 2, 2019

TAIPEI - Taiwan has again renewed its plea to join the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), which will hold its 40th Assembly Session in September. Taiwan's membership which is being blocked by China, was supported by G7 Foreign Ministers in their April 2019 Communique following a meeting in Dinard, France.

 "We support the substantive participation of all active members of the international aviation community in ICAO forums," the Communique said. "Excluding some of its members for political purposes compromises aviation safety and security."

Leading Taiwan's latest appeal, Lin Chia-lung, Taiwan's Minister of Transportation and Communications, said Taiwan should not be left out.

The Taipei Flight Information Region (Taipei FIR), for which Taiwan was responsible, had managed services for more than 1.75 million controlled flights in 2018, a 5.8% increase over 2017, he said.

Taiwan's 17 airports had served more than 68.9 million passengers that year, with 92 airlines operating passenger and cargo flights on 313 routes connecting 149 cities around the world.

Lin described Taiwan as an active stakeholder in the international civil aviation community, with the Taipei FIR "an inseparable part of the global network of FIRs".

"Given technical, professional, and pragmatic considerations, Taiwan needs direct communication channels with ICAO to ensure safe air transport of passengers and cargo."    

Lin said: "As a responsible stakeholder in the international aviation community, Taiwan shares the global interest in safeguarding regional and global aviation safety, and is committed to contributing to the further development of global aviation.

"We are willing to share our experience in developing the aviation industry as well as our technical expertise as we pursue the common goal of safe, orderly, and sustainable development of international civil aviation."  (ATI).