Draft Amendment to Food Act approved by Thai Cabinet

February 8, 2021

BANGKOK -- The Thai Cabinet has approved a draft amendment to the Food Act to enhance food safety for consumers and to increase the competitiveness of the Thai food export industry in international markets.

The Draft is expected to be put  to Parliament shortly for final approval.

Lawyers Baker McKenzie say the Draft Amendment proposes reclassification of regulated foods, and introduces new schemes for food quality control and food advertising. Key elements of the Draft are summarised below:

* Regulated foods will be redefined and, based on potential effects on human health, classed into three categories: 1. Special controlled food; 2. Controlled food; and 3. Food which requires notification.

* Foods that are manufactured for export only can be manufactured according to the regulations of the destination country, provided that such regulations are kept for Food and Drug Administration inspection.

* To expedite the regulatory process, external experts and expert organisations from both the public and private sectors, local or international, will take part in the process of food licensing and quality monitoring.

* More concrete terms on food advertising will be prescribed to protect consumers from deceptive claims and false advertising.

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