China shuts down illegal steel production in Tianjin and Hunan

August 4, 2017

BEIJING - China's Tianjin Municipality and Hunan Province have dismantled production facilities for inferior-quality steel bars following a national inspection by the State Council. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang recently called for steadfast efforts to push overcapacity cuts after the inspection found that certain steel mills were trying to resume production of inferior-quality steel bars.

The State Council had ordered that all facilities producing inferior-quality steel bars in China be dismantled by the end of June, but the inspection found two mills in Tianjin were still in business, while one company shut down in Hunan Province was seeking to resume production.

The Sate newsagency Xinhua reported Yin Jihui, Director of Tianjin’s Municipal Commission of Industry and Information Technology, as saying that Tianjin carried out a week-long crackdown after being informed about the inspection findings. (ATI).