China’s Information Technology Ministry vows to beef up cybersecurity

July 12, 2017

BEIJING - China has vowed to beef up construction of a cybersecurity system-where Government, enterprises and industry associations strengthen their co-operation, and laws and regulations related to cybersecurity are improved-the top industry regulator said on Tuesday.

"We will step up efforts to promote construction of information infrastructure, expand broadband network coverage, and build up the industrial internet platform," Industry and Information Technology Minister, Miao Wei, told the China Internet Conference in Beijing.

China Daily said Miao emphasised the importance of international co-operation, protection of data security and improvement of the regulatory system.

"We should continuously make breakthroughs in a number of core and key technologies related to cybersecurity," he said. Miao added that the Ministry will build up the country's capability in cybersecurity to help the integration of manufacturing and internet advance in a stable and sustainable way. (ATI).