The Australian Advantage in China’s Greater Bay Area

March 8, 2021

SYDNEY - Interaction between the 11 GBA cities is coalescing to create opportunity for foreign investors, service providers and traders who take advantage of the strengths of Hong Kong's nine key business investment sectors, says Sydney-based Luca de Leonardis, Head of Investment Promotion, Australia and New Zealand, for InvestHK.

He believes a combination of the skills and natural advantages available in the agriculture, high-tech and professional services sectors will see Australia and New Zealand quickly grasp market share in the Greater Bay Area as GBA development quickens.

Speaking at a major business seminar hosted by InvestHK at the Sydney Hilton, de Leonardis said: "Look at food and beverage and the whole of the agricultural sector. The farming techniques, the leadership in packaging, storage and transport, the quality of the produce. It's a winning combination in export markets. And the GBA is a consumer market of 72 million hungry for choice.

"Look at technology, at financial services, and right across the spectrum of professional services. Look at our education and medical offerings, at our skills in logistics, in data management, in scientific research, the list goes on.

"If you are seriously looking at venturing into the Hong Kong and wider GBA markets, our investment team here in Australia can help you with research from the earliest stages of planning through to that ultimate investment commitment and beyond.

"Our team in Hong Kong is on-the-ground to support you with local contacts and knowledge as your business takes those crucial first steps to widen its footprint offshore." A second Greater Bay seminar will be held in Melbourne on September 1. (ATI).