ATI Magazine March/April 2017

Future Business - when sci-fi becomes reality

Artificial intelligence machines are learning to copy humans, says Brett King. “They can learn faster than us. They can outperform us pretty quickly.” He says the biggest challenge to business over the next 10 years is going to be AI and robotics, and he sees this impacting severely on financial and other services, including health, and manufacturing.

HK, Shenzhen positioning as high-tech hub - Hong Kong and the adjoining Chinese city of Shenzhen are to jointly develop and manage a new innovation and technology park over 97 acres at Lok Ma Chau, on the Hong Kong-Mainland border. It will focus on robotics, biopharmaceuticals, smart cities and fin-tech.

Getting to know you – With each passing week, U.S. President Donald Trump seems to tone down his rhetoric on China. Meanwhile, a Tokyo-Washington axis beckons .

Trump, trade, banking, and the rocky road ahead – The move by the new U.S. President to rewrite the punitive Dodd Frank legislation is needed, says former IIF Managing Director, Charles Dallara, because compliance costs for financial institutions are, in many cases, “virtually unmanageable”.

Free RMB a long time coming – that’s the lesson from this year’s Asian Financial Forum, which also saw China as the best profit bet for 2017.

Chinese court recognises principle of reciprocity – Enforcing a civil judgment made by Singapore’s High Court.

Business Travel – Vietnam Airlines eyes the premium market; China plans grand ceremony for 1,000 Australians at Great Wall of Xian.