Breaking Hearts on the Streets of Sorrow - Will we see a Benevolent Beijing help fix the Hong Kong mess? Or a malevolent China Bear squeeze Hong Kong's people a little harder?

Looking towards 2040 - The McKinsey Global Institute says major Asia-to-Asia supply chains will emerge, driven by rising consumption, maturing domestic supply chains and uncertainties in global trade. Many emerging economies are expected to post GDP growth of 4-5% a year till 2040, exceeding the global average of 2.7%. 

i.4.0 the new Frontier - There are 16 lighthouse companies in the world, and five of those are in China.

Crypto currency coming of age - Regulatory compliance and institutional grade security are being built into digital asset solutions developed jointly out of Singapore and Switzerland.

No love for Trump as East Asia stability falters - The major engine for global economic growth is facing headwinds that are most likely self-defeating for all concerned.

No winners as Korea, Japan square off - the issue of trust may greatly impede restoration of trade as normal, at a time when Japan is edging into recession.

Taiwan - Time to deal with reality? -  Is it time for Taiwan to openly declare its amenability to a form of dual recognition with China? 

US-China trade war "the new normal' - Since January 2018, US average import tariffs on Chinese goods have risen from 3% to 23%

Why HK's equity financing role for China still matters.

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