Political Risk on the March . . .

As we considered options for a theme to our annual assessment of the business climate ahead for Asia, every road led to a single conclusion:  Political risk in 2017 would be real, something to be carefully considered by investors, bankers, fund managers and shareholders as events unfold.

Meanwhile, governments throughout Asia have made their call.

Frustrated with the refusal of trade activity to rediscover its mojo, they have reached back into recent history to kick-start their economies through infrastructure spend.

A setting for accidental war - Pippa Malmgren, author and respected consultant to governments and business, says the world must be careful not to slip into accidental confrontation.  The key geopolitical risks of today – the rise of China; breakup of the European Union; inflation; and the outcome of the US election.

Back to fundamentals on trade -   Victor Fung says the economy has stopped responding to monetary stimulus, and that expanded aggregate demand must come from the developing world.

Trade on the mend – Asia to benefit next year

Where’s the exit – Pyongyang backs itself into a corner

Xi’s Chinese dream – the Party will party in 2021 and 2049

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A living laboratory – Singapore positions for digital age

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Resetting the dial – debt, environment challenge Vietnam

The Shinawatra legacy – Thailand a nation divided