AAMC Training Group

AAMC Training Group is a Registered Australian Training Organisation with local representation in Australia, India, Indonesia and Philippines.

Experienced across many facets of the Australian, Indian and Asian education markets, working with BPOs, Governments, schools, colleges and Universities, Businesses and Corporates to build and design courses to meet the needs of the employers.  Aligning course materials to meet each country’s regulatory needs, where possible.

As an approved partner of the Royal Institute of Singapore, we are also able to offer dual certificates for approved courses and applicants. This in-turn  aligns to our “Education without Boarders”(TM) vision.  

Please contact Jeff Mazzini, Managing Director on (61) 4186-4607, email jmazzini@aamctraining.edu.au

Contact Name: 
Jeff Mazzini
618 9344-4088
618 9344-4188