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Shadow banking risks escalating in China, despite improved real economy: Natixis

April 29, 2017

HONG KONG - GDP data confirms that China’s economy is strengthening (6.9% growth year on year), marginally beating market expectations and last quarter’s growth rate (6.8%), says global asset manager Natixis. “Although growth in the tertiary sector retreated (16Q4: 8.3%; 17Q1: 7.7%), the contribution of final consumption to GDP increased again (16: 71%; 17Q1: 77%) in line with very strong consumer confidence (highest level since 2008),” it says.

Thai corporates healthiest, Vietnam sees biggest increase in investment

April 24, 2017

HONG KONG - ASEAN corporate health is sound thanks to low leverage and healthy revenue generation, despite heavy reliance on short-term funding and high interest rates, according to the latest Natixis ASEAN Corporate Monitor, which covers about 1,200 listed non-financial institutions in the region and compares them with a similar universe globally.

Premier Li says China must expand imports of high-quality goods

April 24, 2017

BEIJING – China’s Premier, Li Keqiang, has called for greater balance in foreign trade through both promoting exports and importing more high-quality goods. Li said China must expand exports as well as imports of high-tech products and other high-quality goods that give consumers more choice and stimulate domestic companies to produce better products and services.